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Årets bedste open source-konference

LinuxForum 2006

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Panel discussion: vs. Microsoft - the battle for document standards of the future English

During the largest open source conference in Scandinavia - LinuxForum 2006 - a panel discussion in auditorium 6 on open standards is held friday the 3rd of March 2006, from 12:30AM to 1:30PM. Who will control the choice of office software in the future - Microsoft or a common open document standard? We have invited the following persons:

The panel discussion will be conducted by editor-in-chief Rolf Ask Clausen of the danish weekly paper, 'Ingeniøren'.

The panel of the press will focus on the hottest topic in the danish software debate - the open document standards and in relations to Microsoft Office.

Louis Suares-Potts is main speaker at LinuxForum 2006, and is also the driving force of the largest threat against Microsoft's domination in the market of office software - This program, and the open document standard OpenDocument that is behind it, is supported by IBM, Sun Microsystems, Oracle, and by users and developers in the open source community.

Sun Microsystems is commercially marketing an extended version of - StarOffice, which is a much cheaper alternative to Microsoft Office.

Politically, the discussion of open standards is a hot topic as well, as a proposed resoulution in The Danish Parliament about open standards is on the way from The Danish Social-Liberal Party.


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